Parents assistance as personal budget

Each human with a disability have the right to let pay out regular recurring attainments one or more funding agencies as personal budget (on the strength of paragraph 17 SGB IX).

Advantages of the personal budget: Who is paying or decides the attainment:
This possibility improved the self-determination of humans with a disability. If parents themself decided for the payment form personal budget, have they more flexible possibilities to pay the facilities. They decide for themselves who export the facilities. If you are employer yourself, you will also be the ones which have in the opposite of the assistance the authority to give directives. A payroll office can than transfer the pay stub. The wages costs must be included in the budget and be from the funding agency of the parents assistance (if applicable disabled help from the commune) co-financed.

Must budget takers get employers themselves?
Important! Even if parents let themselves pay out the money for parents assistance as a personal budget, they can also buy the parents assistance by another provider/service. It makes sense above all if you already use personal assistance or care with a service and then want to combine it with parents assistance. Then the parents pay the service directly from the personal budget and face the service as a client too. This clearly increases your influence on the assistant, even if you yourself do not appear as employers.

Are combinations of assistance service and even employer possible?
Parents can even buy part of the parents assistance at the service and another part directly adjust at themself.